STEPS – Been Busy Being Better


It may sound obvious, but sometimes the best way to get the most out of living life is to just live it; let your body take it’s course in extracting the experiences that are right for you. At the beginning of this year,  I think I became overzealous in making sure every action of every day had some functional benefit to bettering myself, and as much as that may be a good attitude to carry, it also ironically became a hindrance. I spent too much time reflecting and planning my life, and it became almost robotic and disingenuous at times. A large part of it was due to wanting to come up with a lesson learned to write about on a weekly basis. So I decided to go on auto-pilot for a little bit and focus living life rather than thinking about it.

But overall, these few months I’ve been allowing myself to go on auto-pilot and putting all my focus into my work and passions, playing hard when my schedule permitted it, and by the time I hit my bed it’s lights out until morning. This approach really allowed a natural sense of growth other than a synthetic one, and I think the next step for me is finding the sweet spot: the balance of living that puts the right amount of steer into my life where I’m able to carve out a clear road for where I want to go without blocking out the humanizing moments that keep me grounded and curious about the world.

FASHION – Style Post #5


They say suits are like lingerie for men, and that’s been double-confirmed ever since I started working at a luxury menswear company that’s deeply rooted in men’s suiting. I’ve always been drawn not only to the aesthetics for suits but also the tradition and culture that it holds throughout history. Suits have always been emblematic of attention to detail in self presentation, and when you develop a deeper knowledge of suits, you also begin to understand that you’re not just putting on a piece of clothing on your body.


This day, I didn’t quite wear a suit, but an tailored Strellson sports jacket with some matching socks instead.


The black threaded texture and slight luster is really interesting in this one. One of the most important components of a good looking suit is fit, and most people are going to be slightly off the ready-to-wear sizes. Investing a little more and having the right alterations is the final and most crucial step in making it yours.


FASHION – Style Post #4


Thursday 2 Finished

Challenged myself to see how many looks I could put together with one sweater. Took a lot longer than I expected but it was really fun to put everything that I’ve learned to the test.

Friday Finished

Friday 2 Finished

Each outfit is loosely inspired by a week of the day, but I’ll let you decide which is for which day.


Monday Finished

Monday 2

I – like most people – tend to fall into the same cycle of wearing outfits that I know already work, when there are many more combinations that just haven’t been tried yet with my existing closet. You don’t need to keep buying new clothes to make a new look.

FASHION – Style Post #3


This is pretty close to what I’d wear on a normal or “lazy” day; just the typical baseball look with a little something extra.


When all the elements like fit, color story and details align, even something simple can look like more than it is in my opinion. Ever see that one person that just looks spectacular in a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers? Yeah.



Also turning 22 today. Not sure how I’m feelin’ bout that.

FASHION – Style Post #2



Went with the classic American leather-and-denim combo for this a bit of a twist. To me, it’s always about taking inspiration from different eras and cultures and refurnishing into something of your own.


Bought theses suede Chelsea boots a few months ago and I’ve been wearing them with everything because it really adds an essence of uniqueness to any outfit whether if its street style or  more formal.








FASHION – Style Post #1


Starting this segment with something simple and clean. The classic leather jacket with one of my favorite printed shirts.


The shirt is from Uniqlo, part of the Keith Haring collection. Uniqlo’s t-shirts are some of the most comfortable cotton I’ve ever worn. They’ve stayed soft and free of pilling or any discoloration of prints after many washes. Plus, I love the idea of trademarking amazing artist’s work , as Keith Haring’s one of my favorite artists.

STEPS – Running with Failure

I’ve probably run in to failure more frequently than the average person, primarily because failure and success are such subjective lines and the standards I’ve assigned to myself has always been decidedly high. I’ll save you the headache of preachy idioms and cliche lessons on how to deal with failure because we’ve heard them all and I’m personally not that optimistic. But, I have garnered some pragmatic perspectives and experiences I’d like to share from the failures I’ve strung up in the last few years of my life.

1) Enduring failure is a strength. The way  I see it, the quality that unifies the most successful people isn’t talent, intelligence or even uniqueness, but their willingness to fail. We’re accustomed to only take chances that are guaranteed. And that fear of failure hinders our own abilities more than anything else. When I look at someone I consider to be the best in their craft or most successful, I don’t judge them by their merits; rather, the weight of their burdens and failures they must have endured. Being able to withstand failure is a decisive quality of an individual when it comes to success.

2) Fail the right way. I sort all failures into two categories, the ones where you’ve given your 100%, and anything less than that. I’ve had plenty of failed attempts but the only ones that have been truly paralyzing were the ones where my failure was a result of me not doing enough. The trauma of those losses has kept me failing the right way moving forward.

3) Failure has its silver-linings. My attitude towards failure has also brought upon tangible opportunities in my life. Up until now, I hadn’t realized that my willingness to fail could translate to traits like gumption, vigor, ambitiousness and charisma in the eyes of others. And I find that those are the characteristics that people find me most appealing for. In personal life, it’s earned me respect and strength in relationships. And professionally, people are often willing to take a chance on me despite my lack of experience or qualifications for the position.

4) Willingness to fail unlocks your full potential. Not being afraid to fall has lifted many weights off my back and walls that previously hindered both my abilities and growth. Now I spend my time not calculating which action possesses the highest probability of evading failure, but what’s most creative, true to myself and beneficial for advancement. After all, I sleep better failing as myself than succeeding as a character.

Hopefully this gives you some fresh ideas on a generally very unfavorable outcome.


FASHION – VanFashionWeek Feature


Got a little feature from Vancouver Fashion Week in promotion of fashion week coming in a few weeks. On a day that I where I was planning to stay in, I got called out to a meeting for work. Didn’t really think much about what to wear, just my usual get-up but somehow with some luck landed me a feature and two tickets to the show! Small milestone that’s worth a making a note of I think:)






Street Style #15

We saw Lucas downtown this week in his very K-Pop inspired outfit! We had a chat with him and he told us that he was planing on coming to our event! No wonder why after we checked out his Instagram (@itslucastyle), he has over 1200 followers and has a very cool aesthetic to his page.

By: Elan Paris

STEPS – Sober






“Madly in Love”

I hate that expression because it insinuates that there’s another way to love. That’s the only way I’ve ever known.

It’s really a monster that’s too crude for our fragile bodies, and too complex for our limited minds.

It’s the bin of crumpled letters at 3AM; its in an infants first breathe but also a marriages last words; in hellos and goodbyes; words we say everyday and ones we never got to; the quietest Summer nights and the rainy afternoons in Spring; the drunken nights that conceive sobering thoughts; its ubiquitously everywhere yet also confined to our daydreams

It’s interesting how the most well documented phenomenon in human history is probably one that’s only meant to be felt. Including whatever this is.

“And now that it’s over, I’ll never be sober, I couldn’t get believe, but now I’m so high’

Happy Valentines

STEPS – Second Best

I would could never settle for second best. And I hope you don’t either. 

These are not words of ungratefulness, but ones of acceptance that you deserve what you desire most. (If you’re willing to take the risks and do the work)

Between you and your dreams, there’s so many shortcuts and temporary fragments of happiness at arms reach. And in the moment it seems like all agency of labour, waiting, fear, uncertainty, agony….washes away. But the feeling is short-lived. And I think the moment you’ve committed to a life far from what you envisioned for yourself, is also when you’ll realize it might be too late. I think, it’ll weigh heavy on your conscience, and eat you up. And what’s worse than having all these people, places, things around you and still be unhappy? 


I think the generation that I come from is one that’s too obsessed with the idea of possession. Always needing to have something in our hands. Not having plans for the weekend means you’re a loser. Not having a job means you’re lazy. Not having the latest iPhone means you’re outdated. Having a small circle of friends means you’re unpopular.  These social expectations build fear and anxiety on the idea that “not having” is the absolute worst outcome in life.

Suddenly, it’s not worth the risk, the labor, the time to chase that career path or person anymore. Because we might not “have” in the end. It took me a long time to figure this out, and evenly longer to admit to myself. But I’d be happier “not having”, than to have what’s not right for me. And I’ve been learning to be content with myself to “not have”. Because I’m working for what I want most, and only that.

I’ve seen too many of my peers settle for “stable” career choices, stay around “safe” people, pursue “realistic” lifestyles, when they clearly have other ambitions in mind. And it’s a little disheartening to see themselves put out their own flame when they won’t even entertain the thought of how big it could get.


I’m here to be that voice that tells you not to throw it away. Whatever you have in mind, I don’t think it’s silly or impossible. And it’s definitely not out of your reach, at least not forever. I’m not saying it’s wrong to reach for the low hanging fruits along the way, but don’t let it stop you from climbing to the ones at the top either.

Enjoy the spontaneity. Carpe Diem.  The small gifts of life that fall like snowflakes into our hands. But also, don’t let all of these distractions blur what you deserve most, the type of happiness that gently crawls under your eyelids first thing in the morning even before the sunlight does.



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