STEPS – Beware of Dream Killers


Unfortunately, they’re usually our closest friends and family. And most of the time they’re doing what they think is the best for us. But what they may never understand is the significance of a dream to us, and that we’re prepared to put everything on the line to turn it into reality. What they haven’t thought about is that we’ve calculated the risks and obstacles much earlier than they have. What they don’t know is that we’d rather fail taking this path than succeed in another.

I think sometimes we overstep our boundaries as an advisor and project too much of our standards of happiness onto others. We think we know better when we don’t fully understand someone else’s struggles, values and perspectives.  Many times too often did I find people around me becoming invasive, dissecting and casting judgment on the life I have envisioned for myself.

After learning this lesson I’ve really made an effort to make sure that I’m not a dream killer for someone else.  I don’t need to know your journey – that’s for your eyes only. Knowing that you’re working hard towards your vision of happiness is enough to garner my support.


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