STEPS – Uncomfortable

“Purposefully and strategically uncomfortable” is how I’d describe my life in the past year. I started in a position where I was unwillingly uncomfortable. Uncomfortable with the person that I was, the position I was in life and my outlook towards life.  At some point I realized that if I’m going to be stuck in this bubble for a while, I might as well use it as an opportunity to re-construct myself.

I stopped everything that I was comfortable with and began putting myself in new situations. I really wanted to dedicate every moment to productivity and shed a new skin as quickly as possible. With the time I had left between school and work, I started meeting new people, trying new things, picking up new activities; every possible new opportunity that I could take, I took it. Yes, it was awkward, weird, and gave me anxiety in almost every situation. But as I predicted,  in every situation, I learned a valuable lesson, or listened to a new story, or made a new friend.

I’m not here to complain about my hardships because I know my life is lavish compared to many people out there. But man, it’s been rough. Though it hasn’t been without its merits either.

Although at the core I’m still the same person, I’ve added many new layers and peeled off old ones. My priorities have shifted, big time; My outlook in life has expanded tenfold; My network of friends has not only broadened, but more importantly diversified; I’ve become a much more approachable, understanding and patient person; I’ve picked up new hobbies and tastes in music & fashion; Most importantly I feel nothing like the person I was a year ago. All that in just one year because I’ve been nothing but uncomfortable.

Now, in some twisted paradoxical way, I’ve gotten comfortable with being uncomfortable. Any days I do get some breathing room I’m only itching to work, or find something new to keep myself busy. I’m thirsty to  learn and mature continuously.

So with that being said, I encourage you to get uncomfortable as well. Go to an event where you don’t know anyone, listen to music that’s out of your usual playlist, talk to a stranger, take up a new hobby, try a new food, help out a person in need – not to post about it on Instagram later but because you can take away so much more from that exchange, wear that outfit you’ve always wanted to try, go to the theatres alone; embrace the discomfort.

Until I’ve caught up with my dreams, I don’t plan on getting comfortable any time soon.


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