STEPS – Nice to Meet You, Again

We seem to rely greatly on the labels that we’ve stuck on to one another to navigate and interact within our social circles.  And I get it, categorizing things is how we keep ourselves safe and working efficiently. I’m not exempt from labeling others either. But, I think overtime I’ve really learned the fragility and malleability of these labels. They can represent absolute accuracy today and mean nothing tomorrow.

We owe it to ourselves to allow people in our lives to change and grow. We often label someone once, put them into a box, and never let them out. This is especially true with the ones closest to us as we don’t notice the micro-changes that occur. Ever since I’ve taken note to this, I’m discovering qualities I never knew about people, connecting over interests we’ve never had.  It’s funny because when you allow someone to surprise you, they usually do.

I think it’d be sensational to look at people around you – especially the close ones – with a fresh pair of eyes once in awhile, as if you’ve met them for the first time again. Give them a chance to show you what new characters they’ve become. Assign updated labels. Sometimes new friends and relationships are right beside you.

Me personally, – after taking a year to myself to grow, change, fall, try, develop, reflect and learn – am certainly ready for some new labels. I’m hoping you’ll give me that chance one day again.

So hello, nice to meet you, again.


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