STEPS – Disconnected


A dilemma that I’ve been struggling with is feeling disconnected from the people around me. It’s not that I’m not physically around people enough or have a shortage of friends. But the activities that we partake in together hardly glide past the realm of “partying” and conversations don’t often dwell deeper than school and work. I miss the long random phone calls at 2AM on an accidental Wednesday or a coffee shop date with an old friend. I think all that time and energy has now be redirected into our thumbs that refresh Instagram pages and watching videos of people trying foods on Buzzfeed.

It makes me realize how disconnected we are as a generation. We have all the modern conveniences of communication that would have been unfathomable to our predecessors. We can reach out to anyone in the world at the tip of our fingers in a matter of seconds. But we use that technology to make sure everyone knows we’re at the club or what’s for lunch today instead.

I’ve become someone that has no qualms speaking to any stranger with confidence. Yet, I’m too afraid to reach out to the people that are on my mind the most. I’ve come to realize the emptiness of feeling disconnected from people and myself, is a much worse misery than the discomfort of really telling people what’s on my mind; so I’m going to try do that a little more.

I still don’t have all the answers, but I’m hoping this awareness and minute changes like this will facilitate me in reconnecting with people that mean the most. Everything else can wait.


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