STEPS – Signed and Sealed [Part 1]

In the midst of placing myself under reconstruction, there’s been many moments where I’ve found myself afloat in space, not really knowing where to go from one day to the next. I’ve acquired a lot of new building blocks the past year, but haven’t figured out a cohesive way to building upwards. The most confounding and difficult aspect of this process is retaining very vivid dreams in mind but having to draw the map on your own.

With this dilemma, I started watching documentaries and interviews, reading books, articles and autobiographies on figures who were successful in transforming their visions into existence. These figures were people who are considered first class at at their craft, being sushi chefs and violinists, and visionaries that changed society with their ideas like Kanye West and Steve Jobs. I learned a lot from their philosophies, work ethics and attitudes that I desire to share here. But the biggest lesson here  – and one that deserves its own post – is that the largest bridge that separates those who’ve made it and the ones on the other side is not talent, intellect or luck. It’s the audacity to put all the eggs in one basket. Observing these figures completely redefined the words “commitment” and “sacrifice” for me.  The two words together reveals a heart that  believes in a vision so strongly that it’s willing to put every other aspect of life aside to make it happen.

The truth is, most people are average at most things. We spread ourselves razor thin between many people, places, activities, hoping one of those paths will lead us to bliss. We also spend much of our time on moments that we won’t even remember the next day. Most of all we only allow ourselves to be susceptible to a fixed amount of failure. All of these elements indicate a normal, balanced lifestyle. But it was at the end of last year when I decided that that wasn’t really the life for me; at least not now. The individuals that I observed dedicated every minute, thought and energy into a singular goal. Yes it’s probably unhealthy, nonsensical and even selfish at times but don’t you wonder what you could accomplish if you focused all your resources into a single objective as well? It’s that dose of curiosity coupled with the ache of not yet having the things I want most, that pushed into taking that first step on that bridge.

So for the new year, the only diet I’m going on is anything in life that will take me a step closer to my destination. The only people I want to associate with are ones that have a piece to offer in my journey. The only activities I’ll be indulging in are ones that can service me in growth. And I’m not allowing myself to change course at anytime until I’ve reached my efforts have come through fruition or else I might as well go back to being average.


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