STEPS – Learning Patience




Someone once told me I was an impatient person. At the time I viewed it as the world slowing me down. I possess a personality where once I’ve decided I want something, I will pursue it earnestly. Putting the work in has never been a problem for me, but I always desired immediate results. I hated waiting more than the average person.

I hate waiting for people.
I hate waiting for purchases I’ve made online.
I hate waiting for a table at restaurants.

Most of the time, this shortcoming didn’t cause major complications in my life. As my impatient mind always found some method to hasten any process of waiting. If I knew I was meeting up with someone that was always late, I told them to meet up at an earlier time than intended to makeup for their tardiness. I pay for express shipping (sometimes, don’t judge me). I always make a reservation when I can.

It wasn’t until recently in my life that I’ve been put into a position where I have no other choice but to wait. Initially, I felt like my life was put to a complete halt and I tried everything I could to remedy the situation. It was really the first time in my life where efforts were returned with counterproductive results. The only card I had left to play was not one at all. So I wait and wait and wait… But waiting has become a companion of mine since then. Throughout this process, I’ve really learned that being patient doesn’t mean slowing down, it means to harness the ability to put yourself in sync with the universe. Sometimes the lack of present results does not signify a lack of effort. I’ve done my part, and now I need to let the universe make its adjustments. And sometimes the universe just quite isn’t ready for me yet. I still work just as hard, but I’ve learned to enjoy my time waiting for things. Enjoy the silence, the weather, reflect on my day, and create a better me until it’s my turn. Sometimes waiting is part of the work. I’ve never made that conclusion before. Perhaps the most fruitful trees take the longest to blossom.

I want this forever, so I guess waiting for a finite amount of time is more than fair.


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