FASHION – Two Birds Apparel [Brand Feature]


Ever since learning about the impacts of the fashion industry (fast fashion in particular) socially and environmentally, I’ve been doing my best to make quality-over-quantity choices in my shopping. Yes, this means no more $10 t-shirts for me, but I’m more than happy to pay a little extra for a clear conscience. I’ve also been giving more attention to local designers as I think it’s imperative as consumers to not let corporate businesses smother domestic growth in fashion.


One brand which fits both criteria is Two Birds Apparel, a brand that started in Toronto but later moved here in Vancouver started by founders Daniel and Tiffany Andrew. The brand revolves around a sustainable, eco-friendly business model, using high quality Canadian based fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo and Tencel. Additionally, a percentage of their profits are said to go to the David Suzuki Foundation. They also house other brands that possess the same eco-friendly brand values that they do, such as EAU Good (reusable water bottle) and WeWOOD (watches).


Even with a stringent business model, they’ve made no compromises with style in their clothing. They’re apparel – although to-the-basics consisting of t-shirts and henleys for now – have a vibrant color pallette and a comfortable fit.  I own a t-shirt myself and I can say the quality is definitely noticeably softer  than your average fabric and has not pilled or ripped over many washes and wears. Prices range from $40-60 through the collection which is not bad all considering all aspects mentioned. As of now, the store only houses menswear, but I predict that the collection of apparel will quickly expand in every sense. I think it’s  a perfect way to start if you’re looking to build a quality wardrobe that also takes a step forward into being ethical and environmentally responsible.

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