STEPS – Footprints

Have you ever thought about the footprints you’ve left on people?

Exactly which gesture you made or line you said that stuck with an individual and ultimately created the deepest memory of you?

I realized that it’s usually farthest from our expectations. Our lightest steps somehow causes the deepest footprints in people, and other times we try our hardest not making a dent.

I know for me, some of the people that aren’t even in my life at this moment are the ones that have had the biggest influence in my attitudes toward life, creativity and sense of self. And other faces I see on a consistent basis seem to pass through me like a breeze. It makes me ponder at which times have individuals taken memory snapshots of me. On a bad hair day? When I was feeling extra giving?  Without a doubt, a partial aspect of this awareness stems from wanting to appear favorable to my peers, but another component also arises from the desire to start leaving greater, more purposeful footprints in people’s lives. I don’t just want to be that forgettable whiff. I want to take careful steps in inspiring my peers, being the crutch of support when needed, and being a beacon of happiness that spreads as far as possible.

Because after we’re long gone, our footprints are the only pieces of us that will stay preserved. And if you walk carefully throughout your life, it can also embody a magnificent work of art that defines who you were.


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