FASHION – Style Post #6


Suiting, tailoring and anything sartorial has become one of my favorite avenues in fashion. From the aesthetic form it creates for the male silhouette, to pairings of different colors and fabrics, to the rich history of suit making and tailoring, I believe that suits are the pinnacle of menswear.



In the grand scheme of fashion, the suit has changed very marginally from generation to generation; with emphasis on different details, cuts, colors, textures and fabrics. And it’s the respect for the perfect mold that forces designers, tailors and stylists to be creative in a confined box that is the suit.


There’s something unsaid but illustrated about his respect for art, culture and identity when a man knows how to wear a suit that fits like it’s his, with the perfect pairing of shirt, shoes and accessories. I myself naturally walk different, talk different and certainly feel different with a suit on. It’s somewhat like a super hero costume that allows me to feel like the best version of me. 


Me in my first Strellson suit. 



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