STEPS – Nothing to Worry About

I’ve always been a bit of a worry-bug. Over-worrying is a forte of mine, and a criticism that many around me have offered. Though I have learned to tailor this instinct to more appropriate levels congruent to situation, I also have to simultaneously credit it for being immensely instrumental to many of my accomplishments.

Today, like much of my ideas that sprout into my mind’s eye during mundane tasks like bus rides home or folding clothes, I started to wonder about my own worries, what others worry about, and what this can reveal about someone. What I concluded is that, it’s a blessing to have things to worry about in your life. It indicates that you’re connected and invested in the people, place and stories around you. My career, my growth, my family & family… some of the things I worry about constantly, but I’m also glad that I have a career to worry about, goals I want to reach in life, and people I’m deeply connected to.

Because, there are things I miss getting to worry about; old responsibilities from past hobbies and clubs; shopping for that person’s birthday; if my snowman was going to melt overnight. Some of these are tokens of the past, but other worries I’ve lost privilege to or have not yet attained.

It’s perhaps a bleaker way of looking at life, but it’s a fair question to ask yourself, what are the ideal things you’d like to worry about. Compared to many out there who have to worry about their rent or putting food on their family’s table, I’m lucky. But in some ways I feel a greater somber for the people that have nothing to worry about; no people they’re connected to; no dreams they’d like to accomplish; no real investment into their own lives.

My picturesque life is not one of serenity and silence. It’s attaining all the right worries in my life, so that there’s work to be done tomorrow, and the day after.  With no worries, there’s no risk or responsibility, and without those, what purpose is there to live?

What are you worrying about?



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