Steps – Self Ownership

Although we have full agency over our own bodies, our own actions and so our own outcomes, I’ve come to realize that life isn’t so so linear and singular. We all seem to be knotted and tangled in one another, sometimes by choice, other times by nature and circumstance.  If you’ve taken any support in any form from others that have helped shaped the you that is today, made promises to be a pillar for other parties, or become a body that possesses any type of value to anyone else, do they own a piece of you? It was a difficult mental hurdle for me to climb over as I’ve never administered such a form of self-importance to myself.

On days where I’ve had difficulty finding personal reason to get out of bed, I’ve embodied that mindset to get me through the day. And even that sounds like a contrived way of thinly veiling selfishness. Perhaps this is one reason why some people bring pets into their lives, or even have children; to make the mountains of life worth climbing. Because some days your own purpose isn’t enough.

The current status quo of culture seems to shift heavily on individualism. I’ve certainly adopted such a mentality, to want to leave a unique footprint in this world. But in the duration where my personal journey has become murky, I’ve been humbly reminded that my own life is not merely painting of my own wants and needs. We’re all still cogs in a bigger system that we borrow from. Everyone wishes to be a special snowflake, a star. But maybe we’re only meant to be snow for someone else’s White Christmas, or only as a star to guide a lost one home. And that should be enough of a reason to strive to become the best version of you.