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FASHION – Style Post #7


An earthy-toned winter with leather themes running through as well.








FASHION – Style Post #6


Suiting, tailoring and anything sartorial has become one of my favorite avenues in fashion. From the aesthetic form it creates for the male silhouette, to pairings of different colors and fabrics, to the rich history of suit making and tailoring, I believe that suits are the pinnacle of menswear.



In the grand scheme of fashion, the suit has changed very marginally from generation to generation; with emphasis on different details, cuts, colors, textures and fabrics. And it’s the respect for the perfect mold that forces designers, tailors and stylists to be creative in a confined box that is the suit.


There’s something unsaid but illustrated about his respect for art, culture and identity when a man knows how to wear a suit that fits like it’s his, with the perfect pairing of shirt, shoes and accessories. I myself naturally walk different, talk different and certainly feel different with a suit on. It’s somewhat like a super hero costume that allows me to feel like the best version of me. 


Me in my first Strellson suit. 


FASHION – Style Post #5


They say suits are like lingerie for men, and that’s been double-confirmed ever since I started working at a luxury menswear company that’s deeply rooted in men’s suiting. I’ve always been drawn not only to the aesthetics for suits but also the tradition and culture that it holds throughout history. Suits have always been emblematic of attention to detail in self presentation, and when you develop a deeper knowledge of suits, you also begin to understand that you’re not just putting on a piece of clothing on your body.


This day, I didn’t quite wear a suit, but an tailored Strellson sports jacket with some matching socks instead.


The black threaded texture and slight luster is really interesting in this one. One of the most important components of a good looking suit is fit, and most people are going to be slightly off the ready-to-wear sizes. Investing a little more and having the right alterations is the final and most crucial step in making it yours.


FASHION – Style Post #4


Thursday 2 Finished

Challenged myself to see how many looks I could put together with one sweater. Took a lot longer than I expected but it was really fun to put everything that I’ve learned to the test.

Friday Finished

Friday 2 Finished

Each outfit is loosely inspired by a week of the day, but I’ll let you decide which is for which day.


Monday Finished

Monday 2

I – like most people – tend to fall into the same cycle of wearing outfits that I know already work, when there are many more combinations that just haven’t been tried yet with my existing closet. You don’t need to keep buying new clothes to make a new look.

FASHION – Style Post #3


This is pretty close to what I’d wear on a normal or “lazy” day; just the typical baseball look with a little something extra.


When all the elements like fit, color story and details align, even something simple can look like more than it is in my opinion. Ever see that one person that just looks spectacular in a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers? Yeah.



Also turning 22 today. Not sure how I’m feelin’ bout that.

FASHION – Style Post #2



Went with the classic American leather-and-denim combo for this a bit of a twist. To me, it’s always about taking inspiration from different eras and cultures and refurnishing into something of your own.


Bought theses suede Chelsea boots a few months ago and I’ve been wearing them with everything because it really adds an essence of uniqueness to any outfit whether if its street style or  more formal.








FASHION – Style Post #1


Starting this segment with something simple and clean. The classic leather jacket with one of my favorite printed shirts.


The shirt is from Uniqlo, part of the Keith Haring collection. Uniqlo’s t-shirts are some of the most comfortable cotton I’ve ever worn. They’ve stayed soft and free of pilling or any discoloration of prints after many washes. Plus, I love the idea of trademarking amazing artist’s work , as Keith Haring’s one of my favorite artists.

FASHION – VanFashionWeek Feature


Got a little feature from Vancouver Fashion Week in promotion of fashion week coming in a few weeks. On a day that I where I was planning to stay in, I got called out to a meeting for work. Didn’t really think much about what to wear, just my usual get-up but somehow with some luck landed me a feature and two tickets to the show! Small milestone that’s worth a making a note of I think 🙂






Street Style #15

We saw Lucas downtown this week in his very K-Pop inspired outfit! We had a chat with him and he told us that he was planing on coming to our event! No wonder why after we checked out his Instagram (@itslucastyle), he has over 1200 followers and has a very cool aesthetic to his page.

By: Elan Paris

FASHION – Two Birds Apparel [Brand Feature]


Ever since learning about the impacts of the fashion industry (fast fashion in particular) socially and environmentally, I’ve been doing my best to make quality-over-quantity choices in my shopping. Yes, this means no more $10 t-shirts for me, but I’m more than happy to pay a little extra for a clear conscience. I’ve also been giving more attention to local designers as I think it’s imperative as consumers to not let corporate businesses smother domestic growth in fashion.


One brand which fits both criteria is Two Birds Apparel, a brand that started in Toronto but later moved here in Vancouver started by founders Daniel and Tiffany Andrew. The brand revolves around a sustainable, eco-friendly business model, using high quality Canadian based fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo and Tencel. Additionally, a percentage of their profits are said to go to the David Suzuki Foundation. They also house other brands that possess the same eco-friendly brand values that they do, such as EAU Good (reusable water bottle) and WeWOOD (watches).


Even with a stringent business model, they’ve made no compromises with style in their clothing. They’re apparel – although to-the-basics consisting of t-shirts and henleys for now – have a vibrant color pallette and a comfortable fit.  I own a t-shirt myself and I can say the quality is definitely noticeably softer  than your average fabric and has not pilled or ripped over many washes and wears. Prices range from $40-60 through the collection which is not bad all considering all aspects mentioned. As of now, the store only houses menswear, but I predict that the collection of apparel will quickly expand in every sense. I think it’s  a perfect way to start if you’re looking to build a quality wardrobe that also takes a step forward into being ethical and environmentally responsible.

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FASHION – Behind the Style

A little while ago I did an interview with friend and journalist Carlo Javier on the topic of fashion ethics. We dabble on the topics of business transparency, human rights violations and the concept of “Fast Fashion”. It’s a tad of a lengthy read but also close to my heart and a topic I think deserves more media exposure.

You can contact Carlo at:


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